Celebrating 65 Years of Quality Auto Repair in Medford

65 years of auto repair in Medford

Celebrating 65 Years of Quality Auto Repair in Medford

The Keith Schulz Garage Diagnostic Center has been serving its Medford, Oregon community since 1955.  From routine repairs to brake services, engine and transmission repairs, as well as a/c, shocks and struts to oil changes and filter changes, Schulz Garage does it all.  We have a proven track record, coupled with extensive knowledge and experience that makes them experts when it comes to diagnostics and repair.

The Trust Factor

Schulz Garage promises to provide fair pricing and honest work.  The technicians working on any vehicles that come through Schulz Garage are ASE certified.  Additionally, we use cutting-edge technology and equipment to service your car, so that you can have your vehicle inspected and diagnosed safely and properly.  Schulz works on everything from standard cars to foreign vehicles, trucks and diesel engines.  The best part about Schulz is that their services are so diverse.  It’s hard to find a trusted transmission shop.  It’s hard to find a trusted mechanic to work on your electrical system or your exhaust.  Schulz garage promises to do dependable work and help you in any way possible when it comes to your vehicle needs.

Cost-Effective Repairs

Because Keith Schulz Garage has been serving the community for over 60 years, our staff has made many friends with its customers.  It’s important to the culture of Schulz Garage to provide cost-effective repairs, as well as maintenance alternatives.  Just like we’d want someone watching out for us, we are watching out for you and in your corner.  The estimates we give you are honest and outline the reasons behind the needed repairs.  We also offer exceptional customer service and will take the time to educate you on your vehicle and its needs.  If you have questions, we want to give you answers.


What’s better than an already affordable car repair service?  Coupons!  Who doesn’t love a coupon?  Keith Schulz Garage provides a variety of coupons on a regular basis to take those great prices and make them even better.  The coupons vary from money off oil changes to brake pads to a free winter check-up.  Look on our website to find deals and discounts.

Routine Check-Ups

The Keith Schulz Garage is big on repairs.  The key, however, is being proactive and not reactive.  we are big on being prepared and making sure that your vehicle is ready for that road trip across the country or for the winter months.  Schulz Garage works diligently to keep vehicles safe for the passengers riding along, as well as the driver.  Just like you’d get a check-up at the doctor, Schulz can perform a check-up on your car, also known as a tune-up.  This service replaces spark plugs, changes out filters—cleans and replaces such, fixes sensors (like the oxygen sensor), and checks for damage on your vehicle.

Tips and Tricks

It’s not enough for customers to come in and out through Schulz Garage doors.  we want to share their tips and tricks for making your vehicle run smoother and last longer.  we strive to teach our customers vital procedures and routine home maintenance that can keep them safe.  Some of this means imparting our wisdom when we’re working with you on your auto repair.  Other times, it means sharing suggestions on our website.  Either way, we’re excited and enthusiastic to help you.

If you live in the Medford, Oregon area and you’re looking for a new mechanic, need routine maintenance, diagnostics, or a big repair, reach out to Keith Schulz Garage.  We are a one-stop-shop and offer a wide variety of repair services.  we have been servicing Medford for many decades now and provide exceptional service that is sure to improve the condition of your vehicle and promote longevity and durability.