Auto Repair Services

Mechanic repairing auto vehicle

Auto Repair Services



Whether your vehicle uses drum brakes or disc brakes, our technicians are experienced in conducting thorough and timely brake repairs, which include a full diagnosis, replacement, and fluid check.


Regular oil changes help keep your engine lubricated, and are crucial for your vehicle’s long-term health. Our team conducts routine oil changes every single day, which includes removing old oil, adding new oil, and replacing the oil filter for our customers.


“Tune ups” is a catch-all term for an array of services that are important for the long-term health of your engine. An engine tune up, includes things like filter replacements, spark plug replacements, sensor fixes, and a complete analysis of your engine’s health.


The heart of your vehicle is your engine. Our team of mechanics are especially skilled at all things regarding the engine, and routinely conduct engine maintenance, fuel injector repairs, run diagnostics, fix timing belts, and make engines compliant with the Department of Environmental Quality.


The shocks and struts of your vehicle enable you to drive smoothly, which makes for a more pleasant driving experience, and also prevents sudden impact damage on your vehicle’s internal and external components.


Driving in the summer heat without a working air conditioner can quickly turn driving into a horrific experience. For this reason, our technicians are skilled at helping our customers install new air conditioners, as well as replace refrigerant and compressors, in addition to complete recharges for A/Cs.


A complete engine diagnostics test analyzes your engine for a variety of things, including your vehicle’s emissions, the efficiency of your catalytic converter, your fuel performance, the check engine light, and a whole host of other electronic engine issues.


Today’s vehicles involve a great deal of electronic components, in addition to the mechanical components. For this reason, it is important for mechanics to be well-educated in the electrical parts that make up a modern car! Our mechanics are just that.


A catalytic converter reduces the smog that is put out by your vehicle by breaking down several harmful compounds that make up car exhaust, including carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and nitrogen oxide.


When you drop your car at our garage for maintenance or repair you don't always have the time to wait until we've finished servicing your car. We offer free local in town shuttle services.This service allows you to conveniently go back to your day's routine as we work on your vehicle so that you don't have to wait at the shop.