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Medford's Automotive Repair Specialists

Since 1955, Keith Schulz Garage Diagnostic Center Inc has provided motorists in the Medford, Oregon area with comprehensive automotive services that include brake repair, oil changes, tune ups, engine repairs, shock and strut repairs, A/C repairs, engine diagnostics, electronic repairs, catalytic converter repairs, and other auto care needs.

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Learn more with Our Automotive Tech Tips

Today's cars, light trucks, and sport-utility vehicles are high-tech marvels with digital dashboards, oxygen sensors, electronic computers, and much more. They can run better, longer, and more efficiently than models of years past. But when it comes to repairs, some things stay the same. The following automotive tech tips should help you along the way.

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Our tech tips include:

  • · AC
  • · Air Conditioning
  • · Auto Electronics
  • · Auto Repair
  • · Brake Calipers
  • · Clutch Repair
  • · Engine Repair
  • · Fluid Leaks
  • · Lube Maintenance
  • · Power Brakes
  • · Radiator fluids
  • · Summer Service
  • · Transmission Service
  • · Vehicle Diagnostics
  • · Winter Service
  • · Coolant Flush
  • · Diagnostic Services
  • · Drum Brakes
  • · Brake Repair
  • · Brake Rotors
  • · Car Care
  • · Suspension Repair
  • · Thermostat

Maintenance Services

At Schulz Garage, we also do preventative maintenance on your vehicle that helps you keep it on the road for longer. Our maintenance services are meant to increase the life of your vehicle, which saves you money, and may even save your life. Check out our maintenance services below!

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  • · Oil Changes
  • · Tune Ups
  • · Tires Alignments
  • · Wiper Replacements
  • · Fluid Replacements
  • · Filter Replacements
  • · Emission Tests
  • · Thermostat Maintenance
  • · Light Replacements
  • · Lube Maintenance
  • · Seasonal Maintenance
  • · Auto Tech Consulting