At Schulz Auto Garage, we understand that one of the most important aspects of your vehicle is your tires. It’s the point where your vehicle connects with the road. As such, your tires need to be in complete working order, so that you can turn, accelerate, and brake, safely. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your vehicle’s tires and alignment are carefully taken care of and maintained. We offer a wide variety of tire-related services, at Schulz Auto.


In order to steer properly, your tires need to be properly aligned so that they are all facing the same direction. Over time, your tires will get thrown at of alignment and need to be adjusted. Misaligned tires will put more wear on your tires, lower your gas mileage, and cause steering issues. Come get your tires checked by our experienced technicians, today!


New tires can be expensive, if worthwhile investment. However, if you take care of your tires and conduct routine maintenance, then you can increase the amount of time that your tires will last. In addition to alignments, we make sure tires are at the proper air pressure, replace hubcaps and other parts, and will fill any air leaks that are causing your tires to lose pressure. Click Here to see our recommendations to protect your tires against flats.


Sometimes, your tires will be old and the tread will have worn away. When this happens, in order to continue driving your vehicle safely, you’ll need to replace your tires. At Schulz Auto, we offer a wide selection of different tires for our customers and can help you pick the right tires for your vehicle.


If you or someone you know in Oregon is in need of tire-related services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, today. Our talented and experienced team of technicians can help you diagnose any vehicle issue, and take steps to either fix or maintain your vehicle to prevent further damage.

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