Catalytic Repair

Catalytic Converter Repair

One of the most environmentally friendly parts of an internal combustion engine is the catalytic converter. A catalytic converter is a conversion unit in an engine that helps reduce the pollution of an engine by reducing the carbon in the exhaust. These units are widespread and common throughout the automobile industry throughout the entire United States. As a crucial part of the exhaust system, they are a crucial part of what we do at Schulz Garage. Learn more about our catalytic converter repair services, and what we do to provide them to the people of Medford!


One of the biggest pollutants caused by automobiles upon the environment is caused by the release of carbon into the air. A catalytic converter does this by oxidizing the pollutants that are going through the exhaust. This causes carbon monoxide (CO) in the engine to be released as carbon dioxide (CO2), which is far cleaner for the air that we breathe. This simple component makes the atmosphere healthier for people and makes cleaner air for everyone. Because of this, there’s a strong aspect of environmentalism that goes into the work that we do with catalytic converters.


The catalytic converter is designed to neutralize the three most harmful, most abundant gases that are exhausted from our vehicles:
  • Nitrogen Oxides: Cause smog and acid rain. They are converted to nitrogen and oxygen.
  • Carbon Monoxide: Crowds out the oxygen in air-breathing animals (including us). It is converted into carbon dioxide.
  • Hydrocarbons: Produce smog. They are converted into water and carbon dioxide.
Environmentally friendly advancements in the auto industry have refined the catalytic converter so it can neutralize more gases, and have reduced the amount of harmful gases produced by the engine in the first place.


As you can imagine, due to both the environmental impact and impact of your vehicle’s performance, it is better to get your catalytic converter repaired sooner, rather than later, if it is having issues. Here are some of the common signs that your converter is having problems:
  • Foul smells are coming out of your exhaust.
  • Your fuel economy is noticeably lower.
  • Your car backfires whenever you accelerate and then proceeds to run poorly.
  • The vehicle is having issues getting power when you accelerate.
  • The check engine light tells you that you have an issue.


A catalytic converter usually lasts for the life of a vehicle, but there are cases where it fails. If your catalytic converter fails, it’s usually because it has become saturated with contaminants, or it is clogged. Malfunctions in the engine that send unusual amounts of altered exhaust through the catalytic converter can cause these problems. Bad exhaust valves or failing spark plugs are often the culprits. Signs that your catalytic converter is having a problem include:
  • Your gas mileage decreases.
  • You push on the gas, but your car doesn’t accelerate.
  • Your RPMs are not climbing at their normal rate.
  • The engine stalls after a few minutes of running.



Catalytic converters are carefully constructed into the rest of your automobile’s system. As such, replacing and repairing one takes a great deal of craftsmanship and care. As such, remember these details when talking with your mechanic about repairs:

  • It is common to need to replace the oxygen sensors at the same time as your catalytic converter.
  • Replacing your catalytic converter may require welding it directly onto your exhaust pipes.
  • Many mechanics will only perform an aftermarket catalytic converter replacement if you purchase it from a dealer.
  • Always get a diagnosis on your check engine light before doing a catalytic converter replacement! Oftentimes, the issue may be simpler than you originally thought.


Bringing your car in for regular maintenance on the ignition system is the best way to avoid problems with the catalytic converter. If you live in Medford, Oregon or nearby, then don’t hesitate to stop by the top auto experts in town! Call Schulz Garage today to set up an appointment to get your catalytic converter checked!

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