Important Car Maintenance for the Hot Summer Months

dad and daughter check car engine

Summertime weather is perfect for road vacations, drive-ins, and, sadly, automotive issues. Why? The most vital systems in your car might suffer damage from intense heat. Therefore, if your summer itinerary includes travel and beach excursions, we’re here to help you enjoy the season responsibly.  To secure your automobile, yourself, and your loved ones this […]

Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

car check engine light

Oh, the “Check Engine” light! Is there any more frustrating dashboard alert to be found? It illuminates when the vehicle’s onboard computer registers a problem, typically relating to the emissions control system. The Most Common Reason for the Check Engine Light Usually, the most common reason for the engine light to come on is that […]

Auto Care Tech Insights You Should Know

Auto headlights after proper Medford auto repair

It’s becoming all too easy for us to rely on technology. We have apps for pretty much everything, and most of us carry little computers around in our pockets every day. Despite all the conveniences technology offers us, it’s still important to use common sense when it comes to our cars.

What’s the Best Type of Motor Oil to Put in My Car?

Pouring oil into car engine

If you’ve ever walked down the motor oil aisle in an auto parts store, you might feel a little overwhelmed at the dozens of options available. Prices vary too, and you can’t use numbers as an accurate way to choose the best oil for your car. As an experienced Medford auto repair center, we get […]

How do I know if I need a Tune-Up?

Tune-up | Medford, Oregon

If you tell any old repair shop your vehicle needs a tune-up, the mechanic should ask what you feel the signs are that you need maintenance before recommending any service. Just like a doctor should ask what symptoms you’re experiencing, a mechanic should seek to diagnose the problem. And just as a doctor may recommend […]

What grade oil should I use for my car?

Pouring oil into car engine

What oil should you use in your car? We have the answer for you below. You can also find important vehicle maintenance information in your owner’s manual or the online owner’s manual. If you are ever left with any questions, feel free to ask our service team, who always follow best practices for your vehicle. […]

Apps That Help You Keep Up on Car Maintenance

Just about everyone has taken advantage of the myriad of mobile apps geared towards travel, public transportation, dining out, and communicating with friends, but what about those apps that make everyday car maintenance just that much easier? Many have yet to tap into the life-enhancing conveniences that come along with apps that help you keep […]

Understanding Your Engine’s Interior

A gasoline engine produces movement when energy is created by gasoline being burned inside the engine. This is known as internal combustion. The various parts of the engine work together to produce this reaction and power a vehicle. Understanding how each portion of the engine contributes to the movement of your car will help you […]

Preparing Your Car for Winter

Car driving in snow

With winter rapidly approaching, it is time to start preparing for colder weather and a harsher climate. One of the aspects of everyday life that is most severely impacted by winter weather is driving conditions. Wintertime often brings colder temperatures, snow, sleet, hail and other conditions that affect drivers and make for more hazardous roads.

Important Rules to Make When Your Teen Starts Driving

Teen daughter driving car

Teenagers aren’t always the most responsible people. Even a relatively mild teenager is still going to have spurts of hormones and youthful rebellion. Now imagine all of that behind the wheel of a vehicle. Terrifying thought, right? Well, your kids are likely going to have to start driving, sometime, which is why it is important […]