Auto Tips

It’s becoming all too easy for us to rely on technology. We have apps for pretty much everything, and most of us carry little computers around in our pockets every day. Despite all the conveniences technology offers us, it’s still important to use common sense when it comes to our cars.

With winter rapidly approaching, it is time to start preparing for colder weather and a harsher climate. One of the aspects of everyday life that is most severely impacted by winter weather is driving conditions. Wintertime often brings colder temperatures, snow, sleet, hail and other conditions that affect drivers and make for more hazardous roads.

Teenagers aren’t always the most responsible people. Even a relatively mild teenager is still going to have spurts of hormones and youthful rebellion. Now imagine all of that behind the wheel of a vehicle. Terrifying thought, right? Well, your kids are likely going to have to start driving, sometime, which is why it is important to help them understand what a big responsibility it is. Here are some important rules that you should make when your teen starts driving...