Important Car Maintenance for the Hot Summer Months

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Important Car Maintenance for the Hot Summer Months

Summertime weather is perfect for road vacations, drive-ins, and, sadly, automotive issues. Why? The most vital systems in your car might suffer damage from intense heat. Therefore, if your summer itinerary includes travel and beach excursions, we’re here to help you enjoy the season responsibly. 

To secure your automobile, yourself, and your loved ones this summer, make sure you’re a little more prepared than usual.

Test the A/C

Air conditioning and summer heat go nicely together. You’ll need a functional AC system in your automobile when the temps rise. Make careful to test your air conditioner before summer because you might not have used it in the winter or spring. 

A Freon charge can be a quick cure if your air conditioner is blowing hot air when you turn it on. Your car’s AC system may benefit from the addition of refrigerant. If that doesn’t solve the issue, a Schulz Garage mechanic will be able to identify and resolve it.

Check the Air Pressure in Your Tires

Your tires might have been harmed by the winter weather. Therefore, check your tire pressure before embarking on any lengthy road excursions this summer. You should search for indications that your tires are under or overinflated when monitoring their air pressure. A flat tire or tire blowout can be avoided with the right tire pressure. On those long automobile trips, making sure your tires are properly inflated will also help you get the most out of your gas mileage.

While you’re doing it, you should also check the air pressure in your spare tire to ensure that it will be a trustworthy backup in an emergency.

Refill Engine Fluids

Due to their propensity to thin or even evaporate in warm temperatures, seasonal weather changes can frequently result in low engine fluid levels. You should top off your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and windshield wiper fluid before the summer arrives. 

Because it prevents your car’s engine from overheating, coolant fluid is especially crucial to monitor throughout the summer. Our mechanics can assist you with topping up all engine fluids if you’re uncomfortable checking the coolant levels or any other engine fluids.

Change Your Oil and Filter

One of the simplest methods to lengthen the life of your car is to have the oil and filter replaced. Your car’s engine is protected from wear and tear by oil lubricants, and the oil filter helps clean the engine oil of impurities. 

It’s easy to change your oil. However, if this maintenance is neglected on a regular basis, your vehicle may experience expensive oil issues, such as particle buildup that could damage critical engine components.

Run Brake Tests

It’s crucial to keep an eye on your car’s braking function after the hard winter weather. Since you depend on your brakes every time you drive, it’s a good idea to perform routine brake inspections all year long, not just during the summer. 

When checking your brakes, keep an ear out for screaming or growling noises in addition to the apparent warning sign of poor stopping performance. Additionally, you should watch out for brake pulling, which is when your car pulls to one side when you depress the brake pedal. If you see any of these poor performance symptoms, it’s time for an assessment and maybe a repair.

Wiper Blades Should Be Changed

When you’re driving, maintaining visibility is absolutely necessary. In the summer, glare from the sun, pollen, and dust can make it difficult for you to see well out of your windshield. Make sure to inspect your windshield wipers’ performance to remove anything that could decrease visibility. At the conclusion of each season, you should inspect or replace your windshield wipers. 

Additionally, ensure sure pollen and other particles aren’t obscuring your light beams. Change your headlights right away if they appear weak or dim to guarantee that you can see properly at night, in the rain, or in any other situation that can impair your vision while driving.

The summer season can be thrilling, and your car can take you on new journeys and vacations. Don’t stray too far, though, and don’t put your car maintenance schedule on autopilot. One strategy to safeguard your vehicle and lower costs over time is to keep it in excellent condition by keeping up with basic and seasonal maintenance. Take a trip down to Schulz Garage in Medford before traveling.