What grade oil should I use for my car?

Pouring oil into car engine

What grade oil should I use for my car?

Pouring oil into car engine

What oil should you use in your car? We have the answer for you below. You can also find important vehicle maintenance information in your owner’s manual or the online owner’s manual. If you are ever left with any questions, feel free to ask our service team, who always follow best practices for your vehicle. Keep reading below to learn about the best oil grade for newer vehicles. 

What is the recommended oil type? 

In both the USA and Canada, the recommended oil type for most newer vehicles is ILSAC GF-V or a higher oil grade. SAE OW-20 is a recommended oil grade for vehicles with forced induction, I.E. turbos. When choosing your oil, look for SAE OW-20 oil that is “Certified for Gasoline Engines” by the American Petroleum Institute. The symbol below shows you that oil is certified. 

white symbol of certification

What does it mean if the oil is certified for gasoline engines? 

Oil with the trademark image above on it is an oil that conforms to the current standards and requirements of the International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC). These standards include emission system protection and fuel economy requirements. The ILSAC is comprised of both U.S. and Japanese automobile manufacturers.  

Is the recommended oil grade for my vehicle different in different countries 

Yes, different countries have different recommendations. In Mexico, the standard recommendation is API SM or higher or ILSAC GF-IV or higher. Outside of North America, an SAE 5W-20 engine oil is recommended. If you are ever unsure, then ask your service advisor at Keith Schulz Garage.  

Where to change the oil of my car? 

Most owner’s manual suggests having an Authorized Dealer change your vehicle’s oil. Here at Keith Schulz Garage we offer the best service you’ll find in Medford, OR without paying high dealership prices.