Apps That Help You Keep Up on Car Maintenance

Apps That Help You Keep Up on Car Maintenance

Just about everyone has taken advantage of the myriad of mobile apps geared towards travel, public transportation, dining out, and communicating with friends, but what about those apps that make everyday car maintenance just that much easier? Many have yet to tap into the life-enhancing conveniences that come along with apps that help you keep track of your car’s overall health. Here are some of the top-rated apps for car maintenance.


Cargly was made to help car owners keep track of car fuel efficiency, repairs, trips, and necessary car maintenance appointments. Users can track fill-ups on the refueling log to discover their car’s fuel efficiency and keep track of every tune-up and repair in the repair log. The app will even plot car maintenance and repairs on the fuel efficiency log to help car owners know how their maintenance is affecting fuel efficiency. You can also track mileage on trips and keep track of costs for tax deductions and business reimbursements, as well as set up reminders for when you need to take your car in for any type of maintenance.

Car Minder Plus

This paid app has countless five-star reviews and helps car owners keep track of when they need an oil change when to replace windshield wipers, and when other types of car maintenance are necessary. It also helps car owners to detect problems early by tracking fuel economy. Car Minder can generate records of your car repair, maintenance, and mileage history as well, allowing you to send those records quickly and easily to others. It is often noted for its easy-to-use interface.


Much like Cargly and Car Minder Plus, aCar allows you to track fuel mileage, repairs, and maintenance on your car. This app can help you to know if your car is functioning at top performance and will provide charts, statistics, and information on how your car is performing at any given moment. In addition, you can track expenses related to the trips you take in the car.

Carango Pro

Carango is much like other car maintenance apps, only it was made with motorcycles in mind as well. It also happens to be international friendly as it supports multiple languages and measurement systems.


This app is a good one to have handy should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having just been in an accident. iWrecked will make navigating the aftermath of an accident much easier by providing a fully detailed accident log for you to fill in, allowing you to take photos to document the accident, helping you find nearby towing and transportation to assist you, and hosting call buttons that will allow you to contact your insurance company and emergency contacts at the touch of a button.


This app is centered around helping you calculate how much your car costs, between fuel, maintenance, and repairs. It also happens to be the first app of its kind that supports electric cars.