Have you noticed your headlights don’t shine as brightly as they used to? It likely is not the fault of the bulb or the car at all. Your headlights probably just need some cleaning. When you look at your headlights, they should appear shiny and clear.


The lenses on the headlights are made from polycarbonate plastic. There are a few different reasons they get hazy. The plastic is a porous material over which a thin film is applied to protect it. After a while, the film starts to deteriorate and fade. When the plastic is exposed, it oxidizes and becomes foggy. 

Harsh chemicals in the air and from the road and UV rays also can cause yellowing, especially when combined with the heat from the bulb. And though the plastic is hard and resilient to chipping, it can only take so many of those pebbles before it starts getting pockmarks. All of these can cause light from the bulbs to refract, making the headlights less effective.


  • Professional Light Cleaning: The absolute best option to clean your headlights is to bring them to a professional auto maintenance shop. Experienced technicians can clean your light lenses to look like they are new, and probably even better than they were when you got your car. This helps with safe night driving and increasing visibility during any type of weather. Other options of cleaning may work as a stopgap, but don’t work as a longterm solution.
  • Defogger Kits: You can find a defogger kit in the “Auto” section at large convenience stores like Walmart or Target. These kits typically include different grits of sanding pads, a cleaning solution, and a polish. Some are designed to be used with an electric buffing tool while others don’t need any tools. These can help reduce some corrosion, but won’t completely clean your lights.
  • Plastic Polish: This is more of an “enhance” option, rather than true cleaning. Try cleaning the lens with a window cleaner, followed by a car or plastic polish, and finish up with a wax or sealant job. The sealing step at the end is important to retain the results for a longer period.


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