Windshield Wiper Repair

Windshield wipers help ensure that you have visibility when driving through things like rain, snow, and dust. The blade of the wiper is specifically designed to hug to the curve of the windshield to properly remove any foreign elements. This is inherently important for safe driving, especially in a state that is known for having as much rainfall and precipitation as Oregon. Here at Keith Schulz Garage, we help the people of Medford with their wiper replacements, repairs, and other maintenance. 


Because your windshield wipers are on the outside of your vehicle, they will wear down more quickly than other components of your vehicle. Over time, they will tear, wear down, and stiffen. This makes them unable to properly clean your windshield of visual impairments and even causes them to leave streaks and smudges behind, causing further distraction. This means it’s time to take your car in for some wiper maintenance.


We deal with lots of different makes and models of vehicles at Keith Schulz Garage. As such, we provide many different sizes of styles to match the windshield size and wiper system of different cars. In order to efficiently clean the windshield, your wipers need to adhere to the specific form and curve of your windshield. Our skilled technicians will help you pick the perfect wiper for your windshield.


Our team is also there to help people in Medford with other key maintenance services that relate to their windshield wipers, apart from replacements. For example, when doing wiper maintenance, we always top your vehicle off with washer fluid, as well as remove clogs that might occur in the fluid line. We also conduct efficiency tests to make sure that your wipers are working at the right pace and angle.


If you are in need of any maintenance for your windshield wipers, stop by or give the team at Keith Schulz Garage a call today. We are the premier auto repair shop in Medford, Oregon.

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