The Consequences Of Neglecting An Oil Change

mechanic changes oil of car

The Consequences Of Neglecting An Oil Change

One of the most common automotive services is an oil change. This is also an important service that should never be skipped or delayed. Failure to change your vehicle’s oil on time can have a number of negative consequences. The following are just a few examples.


The oil will not lubricate or protect.


The oil you put in your car serves two purposes: it lubricates and protects the engine’s moving parts. However, due to the extreme conditions, it must endure, the consistency and effectiveness of the oil may change over time and use.


The Oil Will Contain Dirt


If the engine’s lubricant is dirty, this is one of the signs that it needs to be changed. This is due to the oil-absorbing dust, sediments, and other filth, which can alter its texture and thickness. As you may be aware, the oil’s purpose is to reduce friction within the engine and the wear it can cause. However, dirty oil may hasten the erosion process.


The engine would overheat.


When you turn on your vehicle, the engine begins to run, and when the engine begins to run, its components begin to move. When the engine’s components move, they rub against each other, resulting in excessive friction and high temperatures. The oil helps to reduce friction, while the coolant regulates the temperature of the vehicle. However, if you don’t change the oil properly, the friction will increase and the engine will overheat.


Your engine will become more audible.


It can not only distract you and disturb those around you, but it can also indicate that something is seriously wrong with your engine. Regular oil changes will most likely take care of that.


Components of the Engine Will Suffer


One of the primary reasons for using synthetic oil in your engine is to protect its moving components from the constant rubbing that occurs when your vehicle is running. The oil coats these components, allowing them to withstand harsh conditions and preventing premature wear and tear. However, without proper replacements, the engine’s components will undoubtedly suffer.


The Life Expectancy of Your Vehicle Will Decrease


Because the engine is the most important component of your vehicle, it is safe to say that if you do not properly care for it and replace its oil as needed, the life expectancy of your vehicle will be significantly reduced. As the engine components begin to fail due to a lack of protection and lubrication, the vehicle’s performance suffers until the engine is rendered completely useless.


Your bank account may suffer as a result.


You may believe that buying new oil for your car on a regular basis is a financial burden. However, the cost of failing to perform this maintenance task may be much higher, because fixing or replacing an engine entirely can be much more expensive, time-consuming, and stressful.


Warped engine components


Your engine components will begin to push and grind against each other since heat is no longer being removed and there is virtually no lubrication. This will cause the parts in your engine to warp and the engine to seize. Unfortunately, there is no repair for this and it will lead to a complete engine replacement.

If you put off changing your oil for too long, your engine will eventually lock up and need to be replaced. Your oil change is critical to your vehicle’s overall safety and longevity. Fortunately for you, oil changes remain one of the least expensive and fastest maintenance services available. At Schulz Garage, we provide affordable and quick oil changes.