Top Causes For Accidents in the U.S.

Driving during a rainstorm

Top Causes For Accidents in the U.S.

When a pilot takes off in an airplane, the engine, the design of the fuselage, and the laws of aerodynamics are all working together to help the person behind the stick overcome their greatest obstacle: gravity. In a plane, gravity is everything; it is constantly fighting to bring the plane down and it controls how far and how fast that machine can go. Unless that plane can move at 7 miles a second, it has no hope of reaching velocity enough to escape the pull of earth’s gravity. 

Like the pilot at the throttle, the driver behind the steering wheel is in constant danger of a car crash; it is an omnipresent danger for every person on the road. Luckily, with the help of car repair technicians and manufacturers, we have safeguards in place to protect us from this most of the time. 

Cause for a Crash

All the safety systems in the world aren’t enough to protect us, however, without a few crucial elements being present at all times:

  • The driver’s attention: keeping eyes open for danger and driving with purpose.
  • The driver’s forethought: servicing the vehicle with needed car repairs before getting out on the road.
  • The driver’s wisdom: having the presence of mind to ignore distractions and to drive courteously.

You’ll find that if one or more of these components are missing, the likelihood of a car accident increases significantly. Below are a few of the most common causes of car crashes in the United States. Take a moment to ask yourself how you might improve.

Distracted Driving

Of all the ways accidents can happen, the lack of the driver’s attention is perhaps the most egregious. Of course, no one sets off on their journey planning on driving distracted but we also look forward to interacting with our distractions at some point on the trip. Distractions that pull a driver’s focus usually fall into a few camps:

  • The cell phone
  • The radio
  • Road rage
  • Eating
  • Applying makeup

If you catch yourself doing any of these things, you have raised the percentage that you’ll remain safe by a lot; stopping altogether raises that likelihood even further.

Driving Under the Influence

A more serious version of distracted driving but deserving of a category all on its own, DUIs are unfortunately all too common. Not only are the resultant car repairs going to be astronomical but the toll DUIs can cause on a human level is even worse.

Bad Weather

As we have already stated, there are a few elements of a driver’s behavior that, if absent, prove detrimental to the safety of everyone in and around the car. While that remains true, the presence of inclement weather is never helpful.

  • Bad weather, while scary, is best dealt with before you head out on the road with a comprehensive tune-up of your vehicle.
  • Servicing your tires is a must if you want to avoid weather-related auto accidents.

Lapses in Judgement

How often have you been a passenger in a car where the driver speeds up to make a yellow light? It is a near-universal experience and yet it is one of the more unsafe situations we can be in on the road.

Shooting the yellow light or trying to make a gap in between cars as you merge on the freeway are examples of a severe lapse in judgment — a delusion of grandeur that will eventually come up negative if that behavior is replicated often. Other lapses include:

  • Making illegal U-turns
  • Running red lights
  • Driving at excessive speeds
  • Hard turns and hard braking

These are the most common causes of accidents in the United States and are consequently some of the most common causes for car repairs as well. Visit Schulz Auto today to ensure your car is always roadworthy and ready for anything that might happen.