The Consequences Of Neglecting An Oil Change

mechanic changes oil of car

One of the most common automotive services is an oil change. This is also an important service that should never be skipped or delayed. Failure to change your vehicle’s oil on time can have a number of negative consequences. The following are just a few examples.   The oil will not lubricate or protect.   […]

What to Know About Different Types of Engine Oil

mechanic pouring oil into engine

It’s common knowledge that after about 3,000 to 5,000 miles, our vehicles are due for an oil change. Shortly after taking your car to the mechanic to swap out the old oil, you are likely approached by one of the experts with a question about which oil you would like them to use. Of course, […]

What’s the Best Type of Motor Oil to Put in My Car?

Pouring oil into car engine

If you’ve ever walked down the motor oil aisle in an auto parts store, you might feel a little overwhelmed at the dozens of options available. Prices vary too, and you can’t use numbers as an accurate way to choose the best oil for your car. As an experienced Medford auto repair center, we get […]