Diesel vs Gasoline Vehicles – What’s the Difference?

diesel gas pump

When considering diesel vs gasoline, many people are unsure about which type of vehicle is right for them. Both have their pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research before making a decision. Here’s a quick rundown from Schulz Garage regarding the key differences between diesel and gasoline vehicles, and why it’s important […]

How Do Car Brakes Work?

Car brakes

When we get into our cars, we often take the various operating systems at work for granted. The auto repair experts at Schulz Auto Garage can get you started on familiarizing yourself with your vehicle, starting with how your brakes work. Growing up, you were probably taught the concept that an object in motion stays […]

The Basics of Your Car’s Fluids

Hydraulic fluid intake.

Like the Human Body Our own human bodies are a wonder of biological engineering. Looking at a graphic display of the circulatory system, it’s amazing how many veins and arteries have branched off into every part of the body, from the tips of our elbows and the ends of our toes, to the back of […]

Trouble Starting Your Car? It Might Be Your Ignition System

Under-the-hood view of car engine.

Failure to Launch We’ve all experienced the deflating disappointment of putting our key into the ignition of our car, giving it a turn, and getting only whining protests back from the engine. We turn and turn the key, each time hoping to hear the engine fire up into life and yet nothing happens. Slowly, it […]

How Car Safety is Improving

Closeup of steering wheel airbag. automotive safety concept.

Schulz Auto Garage specializes in a variety of auto repair services so all your systems can offer the safety you look for in your vehicle. Ask any child of the 70s, and they’ll tell you about sitting on a bench seat in the front of the family car for road trips. Baby brother or sister […]

Top Causes For Accidents in the U.S.

Driving during a rainstorm

When a pilot takes off in an airplane, the engine, the design of the fuselage, and the laws of aerodynamics are all working together to help the person behind the stick overcome their greatest obstacle: gravity. In a plane, gravity is everything; it is constantly fighting to bring the plane down and it controls how […]

Learning the Basics of Your Emissions System

Car emissions exiting tailpipe

The wonder of the automobile is how it converts liquid into energy with the assistance of mechanical systems. Fuel, be it gasoline or diesel, is changed from a liquid to a vapor, injected into an internal combustion engine, exploded under extreme pressure and heat, and used to propel a car forward. In the most advanced […]

Your Car’s Electronics: Small, but Big

Car mechanic working on vehicle electronics

It is cliche at this point for people to think they were born in the wrong decade or century. Surely, our parents who experienced the British Invasion of music had it better than we did, or our grandparents, who saw the end of World War II and America being crowned as a world power. The […]

Back to Basics: The Drivetrain

Steering system auto repair

There’s a phenomenon that can be seen in every kingdom in nature, a process borne out of generations of evolution, trial and error, and the will to survive. It is called symbiosis and it refers to the behavior of two opposing species to provide one another with some sort of service that they can’t accomplish […]

Know Your Fuel: Gasoline Basics

Gasoline pump

According to reviews.com, the average gas tank is around 12-15 gallons which means we are filling up our vehicles between 45 and 55 times each year. Given the average 11 year lifespan of a car, each automobile will see about 500 trips to the fuel pump. Despite our familiarity with the gas station, many don’t […]